Blog Update?

So people, I have a question for you lovely followers.... 

What is the number one thing this blog needs? 

Since for some reason you guys like reading what I have to say about books (don't get me wrong, I'm glad you do), I am looking for your imput. It is really nice to know that when I post a new review, or a weekly meme, people are actually reading it. So to say thank you in a way, I am giving my blog a little Christmas present (or any holiday you prefer, I just celebrate Christmas) based on what you followers would like to see. On the side bar for the entire month (whats left) of November, there will be a poll asking that question. Don't see a choice you like? Email me and I will add it on to the poll. See? I really do like to know what you guys think! So please, please, please, go vote!