Overprotected Book Tour

I have the pleasure of participating in the book tour for Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens, organized by The Teen {Book} Scene. Today the main character, Ashlyn, is here with her choices to my this-or-that list. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about Ashlyn!

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1.) Coffee or Tea?

 Herbal tea.

2.) Real Books or E-Books? 

I like them both.

3.) Pink or Purple?

 Pink.  I love Colin in purple, though.

4.) Spray tan or real tan?

 Ugh, neither.

5.) Blackberry or iphone? 


6.) Heels or flats?


7.) Pencil or pen?


8.) Beach or mall?

 Fifth Avenue.

9.) Cash or credit?


10.) Roses or Lilies?

 Pink roses.

11.) Cat or dog? 

Awww both.

12.) English or math?


13.) Lip stick or lip gloss? 


14.) Rainy day or sunny day?


15.) Rome or Paris?


*   *   *
I love how Ashyln dances around my questions and choses either neither or both of my choices. If that doesn't show you a little about her, I don't know what will! (haha) Stay tuned for my review of Overprotected coming later this month.
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