Two Moon Princess Book Tour (and Giveaway)

As a part of the Two Moon Princess book tour hosted by The Teen (Book) Scene, author Carmen Ferrerio-Esteban is here (in spirit) with the top ten celebrity crushes of Andrea, the main character in Two Moon Princess. I hope you enjoy!
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Being Andrea a character in a book, her crushes are not on the actors but on one of the characters these actors portray on screen.

1. David Boreanaz as Angel (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, 1997).
2. James Masters as Spike (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, 1999).
3. Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings, 2001).
4. Orlando Bloom as Legolas (The Lord of the Rings, 2011).
5. Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia, 2008)).
6. Channing Tatum as Marcus Aquila (The Eagle, 2011).
7. James Mcavoy as Leto Atreides II (The Children of Dune (TV miniseries, 2003)
8. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice, BBC series 1995)
9. Robert Pattison as Salvador Dali (Little Ashes, 2008).
10. Rupert Friend as Prince Albert (The Young Victoria, 2009)
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I am totally like Andrea when my movie crushes are almost always on the characters they play, and not so much the actors (*pst* Edward Cullen *pst*). I hope you enjoyed this fun little look into the character Andrea! For those of you who can't wait to dive into this book, I am happy to tell you that I am hosting a giveaway! One lucky follower will be winning a copy of Two Moon Princess. All you have to do is leave a meaningful comment below and check back later to see if you won! (You do not have to leave an email address). 

You must be 13 years or older to enter. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before a new winner is chosen. Contest will run from April 7, 2011 until April 14, 2011 at 11:59 am EST.
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Be on the lookout for my review of Two Moon Princess coming soon!


  1. I adore Aragorn and Legalos from The Lord of the Rings!! I don't know what it is about them in that movie. I don't necessarily like them in other movies but they are sure hot as fantasy characters!
    lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

  2. i have some of the same crushes as on the list. Orlando Bloom, Angel and Spike are definitely on there. I have been watching Buffy and Angel on netflix and Soooo gorgeous.

    Katie @ Novel Society

  3. I am completely in love with Aragorn and Prince Caspian. I can't get enough of a dark, sweaty, sword wielding man. I never did get the whole Orland Bloom thing and why everyone made such a fuss over him and not Viggo.


  4. Angel and Spike are my two biggest crushes ever :) I loved watching Buffy! :)
    I would have to add Johnny Depp to this list (if it was mine), cause Captain Jack Sparrow is definitely one of my top favorites characters ever :)

  5. I think it's hard to to get crushes on the characters because they always seem so perfect.

    Stephanie- thegirlonfire

  6. I also adore Johnny Depp. He is just a great character. So enjoyable and believable.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  7. I'm exactly the same! I've lost count of the times I've fallen for a character, only to later see the actor that plays them and discover that the actor himself has no appeal to me whatsoever.
    Yes, Mr. Pattinson I'm talking about you, hehe.

  8. I love Aragorn in Lord of The Rings! Like Tiffany, I never really got the Orlando Bloom thing either. I'll be looking out for your review of Two Moon Princesses :)


  9. I think my movie crushes are Vin Diesel as Riddick and Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood. My husband doesn't get the whole crush on a character - he thinks I should love all Vin Diesel movies.

  10. My favorite are Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) and James Mcavoy as Robbie Turner Atonement).
    Thanks for the giveaway!!! Count me if it's international.

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  11. I think that's interesting that they are all the actors as certain characters. And I agree that some actors are crush-able no matter what, but sometimes the character does make them much more appealing than that.

    This book looks great. I just put it on my wishlist last week. I hope the contest is open to Canada!

    ~Erika (erikadlugoAT

  12. Thanks for the giveaway! I find it interesting that Andrea crushes on characters played on screen - a new twist on both celebrity and literary crushes.

  13. I would truly love to read this book. I found it a few days ago and added it to my goodreads. It looks wonderful and meaningful. It also sounds like the characters are strong and "real," which makes me want to read it even more! thanks!

  14. Angel and Spike are my two biggest crushes ever I loved watching Buffy and Angel!!!

  15. Mighty fine crushes on this list.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  16. Haha, I love how in depth these characters can get, and how the author can understand them so well. And I totally agree with her number one choice- David Borneaz is fine!

  17. My crush is Ryan Gosling from The Notebook!

  18. Yep, I have to agree. The majority of the time, it's the character that I'm drawn to, and not the actor himself. I'd have to agree with most of the above list, although a few of the characters I'm unfamiliar with (and will be adding to my Netflix list!)

  19. My favourites are Johnny Depp (pretty much in every movie he's done) and Eric Bana (Troy;)

  20. Well, being as I have "crushes" on several of the same characters, I am thinking that I'm going to like this book and the character of Andrea. Count me in!

  21. Angel is sexy and suave. Lovely list all around though. Good shows and movies. I love Pirates of the Caribbean as well. Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls have some attractive men as well. Speaking of, Supernatural has two delicious, witty, and strong men that make watching the show an extra delight, aside from the fun content, of course.

    Thanks for the contest!

  22. Andrea has great taste! Personally, I think Prince Caspian is a real doll! I'm looking forward to reading this. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.