Blogoversary Day 2

Today is my official blogoversary! I have been writing and reading for this blog for one whole year - wow. It seems only fitting to chose to day to talk about the people who unknowingly inspired this blog.

Books and People Who Unknowingly Inspired This Blog

Yes, this story starts off with Twilight. I was never much of a reader. Actually, I was one of those people who "hated" reading. And by "hated" I mean refused to admit that I found reading kind of fun and interesting. I was not going to be the geeky looser (that was back when I actually cared what people thought). That was until The Twilight Saga. I read the first three books straight through. The fourth I convinced my mother to let me skip school so I could finish it (thanks mom!). I was hooked... but the problem was, I couldn't find another book that lived up to Twilight. I was unsatisfied with anything else. So I lamely ended up reading those books three times in a row... That is until I was at Borders and decided to pick up Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I stayed up until the wee hours of the night reading this one straight through.

 I had recently created a Twitter account and found myself tweeting quotes I liked from the book. That is when a certain twitter handle (ReverieBR) started tweeting me. We started fan-girling over the book and Vania told me that she is the co-owner (is that the right word?) of - a fan site for the Caster Chronicles. She is also the genius who created the book trailers for the series (her new handle is VLC_Photo). 

A while later, there was a contest being held on The winner got crazy swag and signed books etc. from the Caster Chronicles. I wanted to win. This sounds really lame, and trust me, my motives have since changed drastically... but there were a ton of extra entries given if you blogged about the books and the contest. So, I created a blog for the contest, thinking nothing of it (hence the blog name that I came up with on the spot and don't feel like changing). That is how THIS  post, my first post, came to be. And later, my first review HERE of Beautiful Creatures (which is funny to read because my format has changed so much). 

I started to read more and become more involved in the blogosphere and soon my blog was more important than I ever thought it would be. I decided I wanted to keep it and to make it into something special - not just a tool to get more giveaway entries. 

I really wanted to write this post to thank those people I have mentioned. Stephenie Meyer, of course, for starting the whole thing off. Also, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl for creating the first books to match up to The Twilight Saga and for getting me to shamelessly read. To Vania Stoyanova for tweeting me that fateful night and introducing me to the Beautiful Creatures fandom and (which hosted the giveaway that prompted this blog). should also be mentioned for hosting that terrific giveaway!

P.S - This blog is definitely not just a means to get extra entries/free stuff AT ALL! 

P.P.S - I regret seeing Vania at the Books of Wonder signing of Holly Black, Cassandra Clare and Lauren DeStefano and not introducing myself

P.P.P.S - There's a giveaway!

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I Like These Books
Prize Pack #2

Today I have a list of ARCs (advanced reader copies) that I have acquired and decided to pass on to another eager reader. There will be three winners today. 

1st Place: Chooses four ARCs
2nd Place: Chooses three ARCs
3rd Place: Chooses two ARCs

Obviously 1st place will chose first, etc. What are the ARCs you could win you ask? Check out the list below and look for the rules to enter.

~ Lie by Caroline Bock
~ Mercy by Rebecca Lim
~ Nickel Plated by Aric Davis
~ Want to go Private? by Sarah Darer Littman
~ Skipping Stones at the Center of the Earth by Andy huller
~ Overprotected by Jennifer Laurence
~ Boyfriends with Girlfriends by Alex Sanchez
~ A Scary Scene in a Scary Movie by Matt Blackstone
~ The Rites & Wrongs of Janice Wills by Joanna Pearson
~ Siren's Storm by Lisa Papademetriou
~ Pretty Bad Things by C.J Skuse
~ Dark Parties by Sara Grant


  • Must be 13 years or older to enter
  • US only (sorry)
  • Giveaway ends September 15, 2011 at midnight EST
  • Winner will be chosen via and will have 48 hours to claim his/her prize before a new winner is chosen
  • Comments are appreciated, but the form must be filled out to enter
  • Enter with THIS FORM