If I Tell Blog Tour

Today I am super excited to host Janet Gurtler, the amazing author of If I Tell and I'm Not Her (Check out my review). I hope you enjoy this interview! Be sure to check back soon for my review of If I Tell

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1.) For those who are unfamiliar with the book, can you describe If I Tell using four adjectives?

Contemporary, Therapeutic, Secretive, Hopeful

2.) Do you have a favorite line from the book that you can share?

My favourite line is one that Jaz says to Simon (her mom’s boyfriend) when she is really angry with him—Jaz’s mom is pregnant with Simon’s baby.

“Hey, ladies, sorry I’m late.”

It figured Simon would pick that moment to swoop up to the

table. He looked back and forth at us, his big charming smile

fading a little. “Did I miss something?”

“A condom?” I said. << that’s my fave line J

3.) I LOVED I'm Not Her (as I've let you know before ;). Was there anything different about writing this book apposed to your last?

Thanks for the nice words! I have cherished your support! A little secret, I actually wrote IF I TELL before I’M NOT HER. It went through a lot more changes and revisions than I’M NOT HER did!

3.) Do you have a favorite character in this book? Can you tell us about him/her.

Jaz, the main character, is my favorite in this book. She is kind of a lost little girl who is carrying around a lot of sorrow and anger. In this book she begins to find her own way, her own strength that was kind of there all along, only she didn’t notice it until she was forced to look.

4.) If you could have given your main character one piece of advice, what would it be?

You are an amazing young lady, Jaz. Stand up and be proud of who you are and don’t ever let other people define you!

Anything you'd like to add?

You’re pretty cool. Just thought you should know. 
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(hee hee, thanks ;)