Au Revoir!

    As many of my followers know, I am attending my freshman year at NYU in London, England. Right now, as you read this, I could quite possibly be sitting on a plane (or waiting out my connection) on my way taking my first steps on the grounds of Great Britain. A new adventure is beginning for me. The more I thought about it, the more impossible it became to try and leave a page of my high school life open as I tried to flip the page to my year abroad. This is not goodbye, but rather, this is "Until we meet again...".

   I have every intention of continuing to blog in some capacity once I return home to finish my college career at NYU in Manhattan, NY. NYC is a city I know. I have friends there (and out of them, most are involved in the book blogosphere in some capacity). I attend many book events in NYC while I live in CT, and I can't imagine that the number I attend will not skyrocket once I no longer have to commute. The point is, I will be involved in the book community once again when I have my feet firmly back on US soil. A year is a long time, but I'll only be gone for a school year . I hope you'll be here when I get back.

    But, being me (read: having a need to do a million things at once), I am not completely disappearing from the internet. I'll still be around on twitter (@ByBritta), but my ramblings will take a much more personal turn and less of a bookish one. But that's not all, folks!

    .... drumroll please.....

    I am vlogging my year abroad! I'm not giving everything away right now, but all of my plans (and I have many) will be revealed soon. You can follow my youtube channel Tales By a Brit(ta), or follow the tumblr I created for the vlogs (but beware, I have never used tumblr before, so this aspect may not be long lasting).